With thousands of new bloggers online every day you would think everyone would have heard of blogging. Funnily enough, they haven't!

Luckily, with the growth of my team blog The Blog Guidebook, I am starting to learn a thing or two about the blogworld. I'm learning the etiquette (yes sir!), the rules, the technology, and gaining the desire to learn more everyday and share with others what I find out!

Blogging is FUN. Blogging is EASY. Blogging is FREE. Anyone can do it. Or not.
Don't blog if you don't want to. It takes time and effort to learn the ins and outs of a computer generated journal...sometimes it's just easier to pick up a pen and open that beautifully bound paper book...your diary.

Blogging can be used for SCRAPBOOKING and JOURNALING, and keeping in touch with family and friends. It's also a great way to display photos! It can be whatever you imagine it to be!

I would love to help you learn more about blogging!

All you'll have to bring is your laptop, a sense of humor and your learning cap! Email me for more info or if you have any questions...I'm here to help!

Keep Blogging,